Grizzly Man

July 23, 2007

Grizzly Man is a documentary about a man named Timothy Treadwell. Timothy spent thirteen summers among the grizzly bears of Alaska. With his video camera on a tripod he took hours of footage of himself up close with the bears. The footage feels like Barney the purple dinosaur meets The Crocodile Hunter as this man tells the bears how much he loves them over and over. Ultimately he and his girlfriend were eaten by an old hungry bear late one autumn with the video camera capturing six minutes of audio-only of the gruesome event as they left the lens cap on the camera. This movie is not about bears but about the bizarre state of one man’s mind. I found the movie oddly fascinating but ultimately I had to deal with my own compulsions as I could not stop wondering how he charged the batteries for his camera out in the wild. To each his own I guess.