DPReview has a review of the Ricoh Caplio GX100 which is the Sea & Sea branded camera inside the announced DX-1G underwater system. There are no big surprises in the review for someone, like myself, considering the DX-1G. It takes 5.5 seconds between shots if you are shooting RAW but JPG is snappy. There is no Flash preset for the whitebalance which is a bit odd and will impact underwater macro shots taken with a strobe. Noise is high above at ISO 400 and above which is the price you pay for live LCD preview and tiny size compared to a digital SLR but it is a non-issue for strobe shots. Low-light autofocus is slow which means the Sea & Sea YS-110 Strobe with LED modelling light will be very popular with this camera. I replaced my old YS-120 strobe with a YS-110 so I should do a mini-review of the new strobe some time.

Like all underwater camera systems, flash/strobe performance is always a question. DPReview mentioned that the flash hotshoe is not live, that is, the hotshoe does not fire a regular attached flash. This means the communication between the Sea & Sea “flash-like strobe triggering accessory” and the camera occurs over the same type of connection the external viewfinder uses. The protocol must be something proprietary to Ricoh. Is this protocol pre-flash based? Will the default in Aperture mode be slow-sync and will there be a way to turn slow-sync on and off? I dunno. I hope it works flawlessly though :-)


My off-by-one nerdish juices are flowing after reading the press release on Wetpixel about the Sea & Sea DX-1G underwater camera and housing. There is alot of interest on the Wetpixel forum regarding the system. Adorama has a post about the DX-1G and says it will have a $1000 price which includes a Sea & Sea branded Ricoh GX100 camera plus the housing. Adorama lists the price of the Ricoh GX100 at $600.

Who cares right? Well, I do and if you are into photography but never plan on shooting underwater you may still be interested in this topic as well. Read the rest of this entry »

Shrimp in an Anemone

April 25, 2007


Bring Out the Clowns

March 23, 2007


Some days you just feel like bringing out the clowns… or the clownfish in this case. Clownfish have to be the most photogenic critters on the planet. They have beautiful color and the host anemone serves as a fascinating backdrop. They make me happy.

Leafy Filefish Behavior

February 26, 2007


I took a photo of this beautiful Leafy Filefish on a dive in North Sulawesi, Indonesia. I normally would not have to mention “on a dive” but the results of a quick Google search made me think twice. I searched on “behavior leafy filefish” and the top results contained information for aquarium owners. Sigh.

Tom vs. The Long Tail

February 19, 2007


Tom Slee is determined to give Chris Anderson’s book “The Long Tail” a thorough thrashing. The book is an extended version of a Wired Magazine article by Chris Anderson. I have read both the book (sometime ago) and the original article and I think the article succinctly lays out the idea behind The Long Tail. Unless you need a program to follow the play-by-play of Tom’s critique, the book is not required reading.

Tom is taking apart the book chapter by chapter. His latest post is a critique of chapter 1 but he started off by laying out his biases, ripping the cover (metaphorically), and booing the Introduction.

This is a fun game…. I like it :-)

Hair Removal

February 12, 2007


This is a hairy frogfish. Beautiful, no? Cool name too. Not as endearing as the “many spotted sweetlips” but charming nonetheless.

So the topic of hair removal came up in conversation recently. Specifically, Brazilian bikini waxing vs. laser hair removal alternatives. I am amazed at the pain tolerance of women and their ability to think clearly about choices involving pain. I don’t believe a group of men would stand around calmly discussing the pros and cons of having one large spike driven through their foreheads vs. several thousand finishing nails. Yet choices involving horrendous pain do not seem to phase women. Amazing.

Hairy frogfish amaze me too but for completely different reasons :-)