Screech Jays

August 22, 2009

Blue jays make an awful racket. They sound like crows being strangled. Such lovely birds to watch but it is excruciating to listen to them.


June 18, 2009


I like these kind of macro shots taken with a flash. I’m using my new Canon 270EX flash with an off camera shoe cord. This is effectively the technique used for nearly all underwater macro shots except I use two strobes underwater which minimizes the harsh single source shadows. The technique is simple and you don’t have to depend on good ambient light or a tripod. Flowers, just like many underwater critters, sometimes reflect light in interesting ways when lit up with a flash.


June 16, 2009

Rice Lake Sunset

Bug On The Edge

June 10, 2009

Bug On Leaf

Captured at 720p on a Canon Rebel T1i. The HD version looks good but my computer can’t keep up (even allowing the full video to download first). The non-HD YouTube version doesn’t really do justice to the “magic”. The original video looks great on the camera screen :-)

Gordy the Groundhog

May 5, 2009



April 18, 2009