Columbine and Friend

May 31, 2009

ColumbineColumbine and Juvenile MosquitoColumbine

Lily of the Valley and SpiderLily of the Valley

Wild Phlox After RainWild Phlox After RainWild Phlox After Rain


May 30, 2009


Captured at 720p on a Canon Rebel T1i. The HD version looks good but my computer can’t keep up (even allowing the full video to download first). The non-HD YouTube version doesn’t really do justice to the “magic”. The original video looks great on the camera screen :-)

Pink Flower Thingees

May 27, 2009

Pink Flowers


May 26, 2009

Dandelion Top


Dandelion Bottom

I was listening to an episode of The Vinyl Cafe in which Stuart McLean claimed that in cottage country there are two seasons; water on and water off. This last weekend officially marked Water On season.

Water Flow from Faucet

Buckets on Picnic Table


May 20, 2009


The Globe and Mail has an article on the trend towards lower voter turnout in Canada.

Expert opinions on why fewer Canadians make the effort to vote range from youth indifference to negative attitudes around politicians to an electorate so disengaged that some voters missed the election entirely.

In the last two decades, voter turnout has been steadily declining to the point where turnout in the most recent federal election and votes in British Columbia, Ontario, Quebec and Alberta reached historic lows.

Only 41 per cent of the eligible voters bothered to cast their ballots in Alberta’s provincial election last year, while just 52 per cent of B.C.’s voters went to the polls in last week’s Liberal-versus-New Democrat contest.

Just 58.8 per cent of those eligible voted in last October’s federal election, the first time since Confederation that turnout dipped below 60 per cent.

It is all due to bad attitudes. Is it at all possible that Canadians are generally content with their lives? Is it possible that a change in government will have zero negative impact on them? Is it possible that those 40-60% that vote are doing so out of habit and perhaps an inflated sense of self importance?

Perhaps low voter turnout is something to be celebrated, after all, what would the end-game look like of a political system that was operating optimally? 

Side Garden

May 18, 2009

Forget Me Nots and Tulips

Trilliums and Wood Poppy

Wild Geranium

May 18, 2009

Wild Geranium


May 18, 2009