June 18, 2009


I like these kind of macro shots taken with a flash. I’m using my new Canon 270EX flash with an off camera shoe cord. This is effectively the technique used for nearly all underwater macro shots except I use two strobes underwater which minimizes the harsh single source shadows. The technique is simple and you don’t have to depend on good ambient light or a tripod. Flowers, just like many underwater critters, sometimes reflect light in interesting ways when lit up with a flash.


June 16, 2009

Rice Lake Sunset

Voting Signals and GTD

June 14, 2009

Robin Hanson over at the Overcoming Bias blog has a post about¬†What Voting Signals. He links to a NY Times article that describes a change in Switzerland in which every “…eligible Swiss citizen began to automatically receive a ballot in the mail, which could then be completed and returned by mail.”¬†The result of this natural experiment was that the voting rate unexpectedly declined.

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Bug On The Edge

June 10, 2009

Bug On Leaf


June 6, 2009

Wood Face


June 4, 2009


Bearded Iris and Wild PhloxWild Phlox and Bearded Iris