Wood Poppy

April 29, 2009

Wood Poppy


Sandals and Summer Tires

April 27, 2009

Today is the day. It is not the daffodils nor the bloodroot blooming, it is not the green grass nor budding trees. What truly signifies the arrival of spring is the day I wear sandals and my car wears summer tires. The winter tires were swapped for summer goodness and my sandals have come out of winter storage (i.e. the back of the closet). Oh happy day :-)


April 18, 2009




Bunny Power

April 3, 2009

WiFi Bunny

WiFi Bunny: 3 Watts

Bunny + one rotating ear: 4 Watts

Bunny + two rotating ears: 5 Watts

Kill A Watt: Priceless


Kill A Watt