iPad Outdoors

June 5, 2010

This is my second weekend with my new iPad. The iPad was released internationally (I live in Canada) on may 28th. The device is pretty much what I expected but there have been a few notable surprises.

By far the happiest for me is that it works pretty well outdoors even in direct sunlight. It is on par with the first generation iPod Touch I own. The finger prints standout more in direct sunlight but a little bit of elbow grease resolves that. Mind you it is no Kindle. The e-ink screen on the Kindle and other eReaders is gorgeous in direct sunlight.

My second test outdoors with the iPad was a disappointment. Outdoors is one thing but outdoors with sunglasses is another. I wear polarized sunglasses and many screens washout through a polarizer. The Kindle is not impacted at all. The iPod Touch is fine in portrait mode but suffers a bit in landscape mode. Through my polarized sunglasses the iPad is nothing but black in portrait mode. So sad.

This weekend as I sit outside overlooking the lake, I decided to try it again. Notta in portrait mode but to my surprise it’s fine outdoors with polarized sunglasses in landscape mode. WooHoo!!!

Maybe outdoor posts is the only way to get me to blog in the summer.


2 Responses to “iPad Outdoors”

  1. tomslee Says:

    Could you use it portrait mode if you tip your head sideways?

    I’ve heard comments about the weight being a nuisance for extended use. How do you find the weight?

  2. RAD Says:

    It feels much heavier than the Kindle. You have to lock your wrist to hold or lift it with one hand. You generally rest the iPad on your torso or leg when using it so the weight is not really an issue. You notice the weight most as you pick it up.

    It is a fantastic browsing device. Text input is a bit awkward but functional. PDFs display nicely in the browser. I find it much easier to navigate through online help files or Javadoc on the iPad compared to a desktop browser.

    Yes you can turn your head to see in portrait mode or just take off the polarized sunglasses.

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