iPhone Kindle App Now Available In Canadian AppStore

December 14, 2009

Amazon has now released the Kindle iPhone app in the Canadian AppStore.
It looks good. After installing, the app requests your Amazon login information on first launch at which point your existing books appear in the Archived folder.
Clicking on an Archived book downloads it to your iPhone or iPod Touch. The book then appears on the home screen.
The app has a clean interface that allows page turns via swipes or clicking on the left portion of the screen (previous page) or right portion (next page). Clicking in the bottom margin brings up the extra controls allowing bookmarking, returning to the Home screen, and the same canonical progress bar showing reading location. The killer feature, of course, is synchronizing reading location across devices.


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  1. RAD Says:

    By the way, this post was made entirely on an iPod Touch. Screen captures using Home Power button combination and publishing via the WordPress iPhone App. The WordPress App allows you to select images from the Pictures App including screen captures but you can’t insert them inline, all inserted images are appended to the end of the note. The WordPress App doesn’t allow formatting such as links and block quotes as far as I can tell.

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