UnicornCam: Lumix G1

September 20, 2008

Continuing the Imponderable Decisive Moment Compact Camera Challenges post I made some time ago and continued with a post about the Sigma DP1 it looks like the new Micro Fourth Thirds standard is coming close to the mythical UnicornCam I describe. Luc Saint-Elie has a Lumix G1 series of images on his flickr site that show-off the small size of Panasonic’s Micro Fourth Thirds entry.

Lumix G1 by Luc Saint-Elie

Lumix G1 by Luc Saint-Elie

So is it a baby SLR or a big Point-And-Shoot? The body is 12.7 oz and 45mm thick. Digital Photography Review has a Lumix G1 Preview.


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  1. […] certainly looks small like the Panasonic Lumix G1 but it is unclear what the lens mount will be (it does look like there is a lens release so the […]

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