Pygmy vs. Hobbit Revisited (AGAIN)

March 6, 2008

Well well. I might be smarter than I look.

This is another post about the long running Hobbit vs. Pygmy debate. The debate is about the hominid skeletal remains found on the Indonesian island of Flores in 2003. Some say it is a Hobbit (new species Homo floresiensis) and others say it is a Pygmy Homo sapien. In my original post I put my money on the species being a Pygmy H. Sapien (a very small version of our species).

In my next post I backtracked after new evidence seemed to be pointing at a Pygmy H. erectus.

Well, a new theory claims that the Hobbit is H. sapien suffering from severe iodine deficiency.

…comparisons of the fossils with modern bones suggested that they were actually human, with their small stature and distinctive features the result of a condition related to severe iodine deficiency.

According to this theory, the Flores Hobbit is a human suffering from cretinism. Score another one for Occam’s razor (for now).