According to PopPhoto’s First Look at the Sigma DP1, what seems to be the first version of a UnicornCam has a APS-size image sensor and a 28mm f/4 prime lens.

Since it was first announced a year and a half ago, Sigma’s DP1 (street: $799) has been creating buzz. Yes, that’s the same base Foveon X3 chip as its DSLR brother, the SD14, taking up a whopping .5 x .8 square inch of real estate in this compact camera. But the DP1 has all new microlenses, a new Three-layer Responsive Ultimate Engine (“TRUE”) processing, a specially designed 28mm f/4 equivalent lens

28mm f/4 doesn’t really turn my crank.  The article includes some test shots. The images are not exactly low-noise, but it will be interesting to see how the camera compares to low-end DSLRs in the noise department.

As I discussed in Imponderable Decisive Moment Compact Camera Challenges, the UnicornCam will always represent a compromise.  The compromise in the Sigma DP1 UnicornCam is the lens. 28mm is wide but not quite wide enough for interesting shots. Its a bit too wide for street photography. f/4 has way too much depth of field for decent portrait shots. Great for crowd shots. Protest march anyone?