Sea & Sea DX-1G Camera Update II

October 21, 2007

In my first Sea & Sea DX-1G Camera Update I talked about the “flash-like strobe triggering accessory”. Both B&H and Adorama are now carrying the DX-1G system but the magic triggering accessory seems to be missing in action. Adorama has the following as the last item in the “features” section:

An optional hotshoe mounted LED Strobe Adapter in order to allow continuous shooting without flash recycle delay.

Note the word “optional”. The interesting thing is that this optional item is not listed in the accessories anywhere. Without this accessory, the housing will use the built-in camera flash to trigger the strobes (via the optical cables). This is the traditional way compact cameras trigger external strobes and it is an inefficient kludge at best that generates excess heat, kills the camera battery, and results in slow recycle times.

The LED Strobe Adapter is key to the performance of this system. I’m very surprised that it was not released at the same time as the housing. Sea and Sea and Ricoh (holy ands batman) must have had issues getting this beastie to work correctly. This is not entirely surprising since this is the first iteration of what must be a proprietary flash protocol (you can see the connector clearly in this shot up at

In my first DX-1G post I  mentioned that the advantage of this system over other point-and-shoot underwater systems is the nifty LED Strobe Adapter (now MIA) and the relatively wide view (24mm in camera and 16mm with Sea & Sea adapter).

I would hold off purchasing this housing/system until the LED Strobe Adapter has been released and has been put through its paces by a third party reviewer. Your mileage may vary if you are comparing to other point-and-shoot systems.


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  1. Doug Says:

    I plan to purchase an underwater system in the near future, having gotten rid of a totally inadequate SeaLife DC 500 and SL 960D strobe. I’ve narrowed it down to this Sea & Sea (because of its purported ease of use) or an SLR system based on the Nikon D80 with FantaSea Housing and strobe. (for about $400 more). Any comment you might offer will be appreciarted.

    Best regards,
    Doug Smith

  2. RAD Says:

    I know nothing about FantaSea housings so I did a quick search and found this housing for the D80:

    It looks like FantaSea, like Ikelite, creates large clear plastic housings. I’ve dived with photographers using Ikelite equipment that need to attach lead weights to the housing to overcome the largest problem with these systems, that is, they are positively buoyant because of the extra air inside.

    I am not a fan of 28-80mm zooms (35mm equiv.) underwater. A macro port and lens and/or a wide angle lens and port will quickly make the $400 difference much larger.

    So I guess my initial reaction was “only $400 difference????” which I guess comes from my rule of thumb of how much an SLR housing costs. If you are serious about a housed SLR you probably need to look at spending more than you initially estimated.

    Compared to other point-and-shoot cameras I think you will be happy with the DX-1G (far far superior than the SeaLife cameras).

    My disappointment with the lack of the LED Strobe Adapter for the DX-1G comes from the perspective of someone using a film SLR considering a small alternative digital system. There also seems to be some misinformation on the lack of this important accessory.

  3. Michael Ziegert Says:

    Hello, are there any news regarding this issue: “An optional hotshoe mounted LED Strobe Adapter in order to allow continuous shooting without flash recycle delay.” I just purchased the sytem and I already wondered why they are not improving the connection of the flash using the hotshoe. In Germany, Austria and Switzerland non of the distributors know about this issue. And there is still nothing posred on the SNS site….
    All the best

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