Apple’s Misplaced CONTROL Key

August 10, 2007


Apple announced two new keyboards this week. The Bluetooth mini-keyboard is beautiful but it has one major flaw, the CONTROL key is in the wrong place.


The Fn key is in the bottom left hand corner where the CONTROL key normally goes. My brain has been unconsciously conditioned to expect the CONTROL key in the bottom left-hand corner. It is one of the anchor positions that we depend on but don’t realize it until it changes. I think it was an oversight on Apple’s part to put the Fn key there but time will tell.


One Response to “Apple’s Misplaced CONTROL Key”

  1. Jack Johnson Says:

    I just can’t believe that Apple could make such a big mistake, one thing is to get things different, but other thing is to mess with internations standards, we are used to hot-keying whay now, next time they will shift the spacebar with the enter or what…

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