Deck at Dusk

July 26, 2007



4 Responses to “Deck at Dusk”

  1. Michel Says:

    done two heart garlands for Valentine’s Day, a set of Valentine’s Day cards, my 2012 album, the gold and cork tin cans and now, a paint-by-numbers insipred portrait of

  2. Word for word after I read this story later, my heart can’t be calm once in a very long while, shock! Why would like a son that like! In BBS in horizontal network in my years, from thinking any further can’t there any son can move me, have never thought to come in sight of such ingenious and incomparable today such a son! The building Lord, is you let me deeply understand the “someone outside the person, day outside have day” profoundly this sentence. Thank nong! At see this son through after, I did not reply immediately, because I fear I vulgar reply will be profaned the rare post online. But I still reply, because think if not in the post so wonderful leave own net behind, that I also not death of you! In such a son to leave own net behind is a matter of the what pride! The building Lord, please forgive my selfish! I know no matter use what a rhetorical flourishes to describe the building Lord you post the wonderful degree is not enough, is false, so I just want to say: your son is too good-looking! I would like to look down all my life! The original poster is a true world without showing a new generation of taking blame! Originally I have to the community down, think of this community no prospect, was filled with sorrow. But saw you this son, and then let me bring about hope to the community. You make my heart a renewed the fire of hope, is you let my heart resurgent, you saved me a pull out the heart of the cool cool! Original I decide not to return to any son in the community, but saw a son, I tell the oneself this son is must return! This is once-in-a-lifetimeo.k! Heaven contain eye ah, let me live can view so excellent post!

  3. Rashid Says:

    Great common sense here. Wish I’d thuohgt of that.

  4. Thanks for helping me to see things in a different light.

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