iPhone a New Form Factor (Part II)

June 29, 2007

I made the claim, in part I, that the iPhone will be a new core form factor for mobile phones (the “earphone” and “QWERTY” phone being the other two).

Some of the limitations of the iPhone form factor have been pointed out on this blog as well as numerous other sites. The core issues being:

  • too wide to put to your ear (problem with all QWERTY and other PDA type devices as well)
  • screen input is a pain
  • 8 GB flash is too small for videos and large music collections (Nano size storage)
  • EDGE data network speed too slow for fancy pants browser
  • 320 x 480 screen not enough resolution for fancy pants browser
  • cost is very high for a youth oriented device

Over the last few years we have seen all kinds of new smartphone form factors (just think HTC and Nokia) that did not develop widespread appeal. So why do I think the iPhone is different?

Because it has a fun and usable user interface, iPod music capability with iTunes sync, and WiFi. Think of a young urbanite that uses public transportation and shares an apartment with room mates…. lets call her Y. Urbanite. Y. Urbanite has her white iPhone earbuds (with new fancy pants clicky mic) in her ears for a large part of her day. She listens to music when she is working out at the gym, music/podcasts for her commute to work on the subway, and she listens to music while browsing the net over the WiFi connection she shares with her roomates at home. For Y. Urbanite the iPhone is the perfect device.

From what I’ve seen, the multi-touch interface works well with HTML pages as long as you are connected over WiFi. The cost of the device is high but presumably Y. Urbanite already has a Mac/PC for syncing with iTunes to begin with so I’m sure she will figure out how to pay for it. iTunes is used for syncing. Life is good.

There will be alot of techno-geeks buying an iPhone at first but ultimately I think Y. Urbanite will be replacing her current “earphone” and iPod for an iPhone. The iPhone is not a tool like the Blackberry, it is a cool way to fill spare time.


2 Responses to “iPhone a New Form Factor (Part II)”

  1. das L Says:

    i’d say that an 8MB fLash wouLd be way too smaLL, good that it’s 8GB…

  2. RAD Says:

    Das L is my editor :-)

    Thanks, fixed it.

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