Wal-Mart Fails Me

June 23, 2007

Wal-Mart failed me this morning. I went to buy four specific things. Fabric softener, bone meal, a coffee bur grinder, and component video cables. Left with only fabric softener and a mental note to check pricing on it because my assumptions about superior logistics and competitive pricing at Wal-Mart have been proven incorrect. So i wanted to buy another bur grinder identical to the one i purchased from Wal-Mart about a year ago. Not there and no alternative. Over to the garden center for bone meal which i bought before and they were out of stock earlier this spring. Nothing. Looks like they do not carry it anymore. Over to electronics. Thirty nine dollars for a component video cable. Holy jumping. Twenty nine dollars at Home Depot. Considering that i am pretty sure that you can buy a DVD player for about thirty nine dollars i am not happy with the pricing of the cables.

One rushed trip to the store ends in frustration and all the trust that has been built up is gone. An anomaly or sign post?