June 22, 2007

The power went out at 6:10am. It is pretty much the longest day of the year (happy belated summer solstice… its all downhill from here) so the sun is up so there is no need to attach my Petzl Zipka
LED light to my forehead, nor pull the Underwater Kinetics eLED Mini Pocket Light that I carry in my laptop/camera bag, nor reach for the swivel head super bright LED (D-Cell battery powered) light that I got on sale from Home Depot, nor the crank powered LED light I received as a gift that stays in the drawer with the emergency candles…. actually I can’t find the bulk boxes of emergency candles anymore that were everywhere after the power outage in 2003 so the drawer has everyday candles that I’m assuming will work just fine in an emergency but sadly they are too thick for ad-hoc beer bottle candle sticks. Sigh, so much long lasting emergency illumination and nary a dark spot to be found.

The BBQ will work. I have a camping stove and propane cannisters if required. My cell phone works… I can read RSS Feeds on mobile Google Reader (which is awesome) and I can even post to this blog from the phone. I have plenty of long lasting food in the pantry (canned salmon/sardines/herring/oysters, pickled beats, etc.).

I have water cannisters to fill if the municipal water pressure goes down. Only a couple bottles of water (bad RAD), add “case of bottled water” to my grocery list.

Alas, the power was back up before I could get up from my chair. Power up the PC, reset the clocks on the stove and the microwave and my world has been righted.

I wonder if I’m too prepared.