Palm Foleo: HP Jornada 820 Reincarnated?

June 1, 2007


Jeff Hawkins announced the Palm Foleo which is described as a new device category, the Mobile Companion. The device reminds me of the HP Jornada 820 which is a Windows CE device that was released in 1999 and looks like this.

Solid state (i.e. no moving disk), 2.5 lbs, almost full size keyboard, touchpad (no stylus), its like Deja Vu all over again. So it is somewhat ironic that in an interview with CNET Jeff Hawkins said the following:

I wouldn’t have put Windows Mobile or something on this. Because I wouldn’t have been able to build the product I wanted. I couldn’t have made the instant on. I couldn’t have done all the things we did with it.

Sure Jeff. But I’m not bashing Mr. Hierarchical Temporal Memory about his new Mobile Companion. I don’t think its so bad. I’m pretty sure it will remain a niche category but it will be useful to some and certainly much more useful than the Tablet PC and the UMPC. If they can deliver useable e-mail, browser, a Word-clone, and an Excel-clone, it will be useful for a large group of business-travel types. Will the sales guy give up his laptop though? I dunno.


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