Honey Locust and Black Walnut

May 24, 2007





3 Responses to “Honey Locust and Black Walnut”

  1. tom s. Says:

    Odd to see this today, as just yesterday Lynne and I were looking into the question of what trees can grow near a black walnut (answer – not many). Which is the honey locust?

  2. RAD Says:

    Thick gnarled bark is honey locust. Tighter bark is black walnut.
    Most are honey locust in the shots. The 2nd from the left in the top shot and the right-most in the bottom shot are black walnut.
    The “crack” shot is a honey locust.
    Here is a link that shows the leaves and seed pod:

  3. RAD Says:

    Oh, the shots in the TripTreeTych post are black walnut.

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