Battle of the Bookly Bloggers

May 18, 2007

Alex Tabbarok at Marginal Revolution reviewed Tom Slee’s book No One Makes You Shop At Wal-Mart. He started off saying some very nice things.

Slee’s book is the best of the anti-market books: it is well written, serious, and knowledgeable about economics. In fact, I regard Slee’s book as an excellent primer on asymmetric information, free riding, externalities, herding, coordination problems and identity – Economics 301 for all those budding young Ezra Klein’s of the world who think that Economics 101 isn’t quite right.

And then he threw the book against the wall :-)

The chapter on power is terrible, I did throw the book against the wall. Perhaps in order to prepare us to welcome government as the deliverer of our true preferences, Slee wants to diminish the distinction between liberty and coercion.

But that is not all.

If Tom visits GMU (I happen to know he reads MR) he should watch out because I shall kick him in the shins stating, “I refute you thus.”

Ahhhhhhhh…. good times. Tom promptly picks up the challenge and responds on his own blog.

…blogs are no place for mild-mannered agreement so let me try to return the kick in the shins.

Read the whole thing.