Spring: Tree Edition

May 3, 2007



3 Responses to “Spring: Tree Edition”

  1. Igorek Says:

    I have just removed the BandPage app from my FB tmeliine bandage. Since I couldn’t get an answer as how to replace the banner photo so it will fit without being stretched so bad it’s detracting from the overall look of the page. Sorry guys.

  2. Christa Says:

    No problem you know I got your back girl. I actllauy started back using SugarStats yesterday. I figured if I sent you something for encouragement then I should be using something too. I like it just because I can use it on my phone or laptop. So no excuses for me or you! We are doing this!!! :0)Andrea B.

  3. so here are my findings after several months of trolling and lolling. . Why on earth do you guys believe stuff like “my dog is burning” or “my dog is pissed because i drowned her puppies” or “my cat is giving birth from the chandelier”? why do even top contributors believe this crap? isn’t it obvious after weeks of seeing trolls that the folks at YA would recognize a troll right away? Don’t get me wrong – people do call me out for trolling sometimes. but the fact is even top contributors still fall for this obvious crap time and time again! Why feed the trolls? If you guys didn’t reply in emotional angry ways i wouldn’t be trolling and nobody else would either. . . Just a word of advice: if you just give short, sweet answers to stupid questions, I will get bored.. Here is an example:. . “My dog bailey was getting into the trash so i decided to punish her by making her sit on the stove for a few seconds. now she’s in lots of pain and just sitting around. i can’t afford a vet so idk what to do?”. . YOU respond like this:. . take the dog to a vet. . NOT like this. . HOLY COW I CAN’T BELIEVE YOU YOU ARE GOING TO HELL YOU DESERVE TO HAVE YOUR BUTT FRIED. . See the difference? anyways, i’ve gotta go back to trolling. . PS: not all trolls are evil some of us are just bored out of our minds.

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