More Divisadero

April 27, 2007

So far so good…. “Divisadero” is classic Ondaatje. Poetic prose with a non-linear plot that slowly reveals the story.

Those who have an orphan’s sense of history love history. And my voice has become that of an orphan. Perhaps it was the unknown life of my mother, her barely drawn portrait, that made me an archivist, a historian. Because if you do not plunder the past, the absence feeds on you.


3 Responses to “More Divisadero”

  1. Naveen Says:

    You mean they used your graphics wihtuot your permission and wihtuot paying you? I wouldn’t be happy about that (though I’m happy you’re getting noticed by the heavy hitters). But if they didn’t ask permission or pay you, that’s a copyright violation.

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  3. Haha. I woke up down today. You’ve cheered me up!

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