Divisadero Arrives

April 24, 2007

Michael Ondaatje’s book “Divisadero” arrived today.

He was not a modern parent, he had been raised with a few male rules, and he no longer had a wife to qualify or compromise his beliefs. So you had to catch him in that twilight state, when he had ceded control on the tartan sofa, his girls enclosed, one in each of his arms. I would watch the flicker under his eyelid, the tremble within that covering skin that signalled his tiredness, as if he were being tugged in mid-river by a rope to some other place. And then I too would sleep, descending into the layer that was closest to him. A father who allows you that should protect you all of your days, I think.

“…tugged in mid-river by a rope to some other place” aptly describes Ondaatje’s writing.


2 Responses to “Divisadero Arrives”

  1. Joanne Says:

    Did I tell you my “I had dinner at Michael Ondaatje’s house once” story?
    No?Well one day I will. Can’t wait to read his latest!

  2. RAD Says:

    Wow… now that is a story I want to hear.

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