Google Presentations

April 17, 2007

Google has announced their PowerPoint competitor which will be named Presentations. Presentations will be part of the Docs & Spreadsheets family and it will be released this summer.

We’ve already freed those of you working in teams from the burdens of version control and email attachment overload when going back and forth on word processing and spreadsheets. It just made sense to add presentations to the mix; after all, when you create slides, you’re almost always going to share them. Now students, writers, teachers, organizers, and, well, just about everyone who uses a computer can look forward to having real-time, web-based collaboration across even more common business document formats.

Hmmmm…. I think multi-machine access and collaboration are great features. There is a very common use case, however, where you are standing in the front of a room with a projector and a laptop and you don’t want or need connectivity. Easily solved with an export feature. I hope Google does not forget the importance of offline presentations. On second thought, I’m sure they’ll get it right. Never mind.


Tyler Cowen at Marginal Revolution posts about how well various U.S. cities fought Spanish flu in 1918. The New York Times has a longer story about the new research.

I hope someone takes this data and tries to correlate it to the promising hypothesis that the surge in cardiovascular disease that peaked in the 60’s was caused by lingering Spanish flu affects.

It is proposed that an early 20th-century expansion of a coronary heart disease–prone subpopulation, characterized by high serum-cholesterol phenotype and high case-fatality—which contributed to most of the coronary heart disease cases and deaths during the 1960s—may have been a late result of the 1918 influenza pandemic.

Anticipating Change

April 17, 2007



I can’t help but anticipate the change. This photo of a corner in my backyard was taken June 2 of last year. June 2!!! The change from April 17 to June 2 is this drastic. Wow. Or compare to the shot in the thumbnail of approximately the same spot on February 22. Wow.