telephonepole_1410.jpgI’m really glad I took this photo. I have a suspicion that years from now I’m going to look fondly at it. Normally I go through hoops to keep power lines, phone lines, and TV antennas out of my shots. This image reminds me that maybe this obsession is a little misguided.

Have you ever come across a really old newspaper? The news from that time seems trivial but the ad for some “magic for mom in the kitchen” fascinates me. I wonder if some of these infrastructure “eyesores” will not turn out to be the same kind of cute from an age long gone :-)


The Washington Post will close its Canadian news bureau following the lead of the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal.

“Frankly where they’re based is less important than what they do in the world we live in now,” David Hoffman, manager of foreign news for the Washington Post, said in an interview with CBC Radio.

In the last three months the Washington Post’s man in Canada has reported on everything from trappers in Yellowknife to separatists in Quebec.

That’s crazy… where will Americans get their Canadian trapper news from? You can listen to this CBC Radio Podcast for the story. Click on the player below to listen [2.5min].