Kim Jong Il Devours Giant Bunnies

April 4, 2007

A German giant rabbit breeder suspects that top officials in North Korea ate his bunnies.

Szmolinsky, who has been breeding rabbits for 47 years, has won prizes for his bunnies. Robert, a 10.5 kilo “German gray giant” that won a prize at a rabbit show last year, was among the consignment of four males and eight females dispatched to North Korea. Robert’s son, Robert II, is still safe in his hutch in the eastern German town of Eberswalde.

Szmolinsky said he suspected Robert I and his fellow bunnies had been eaten by top officials and that that was the real reason why he wasn’t getting a visa. “That’s an assumption, not an assertion,” he added. “But they’re not getting any more.”

Kim Jong Il was heard yelling “Cook!!! Where’s my Hasenpfeffer?”


6 Responses to “Kim Jong Il Devours Giant Bunnies”

  1. das L Says:

    that’s some big bunny! oh, and the dish is caLLed “Hasenpfeffer”

  2. RAD Says:

    Hasenpfeffer it is then. Thanks :-)

  3. Anonymous Says:

    well that’s incredible, how you can carrie that gigant bunnie he weight i think more that 25 kilos.
    well have a good time

  4. dat iz not real m8 xxx Says:

    tik, 56h

  5. courtney Says:

    dat iz not real m8 xxx bulls**t

  6. RAD Says:

    tiz 2 real… well I made up the Bugs Bunny Hasenpfeffer quote (or at least Kim Jong Il saying it), but the rest is real.

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