Samsung Ubicell

April 2, 2007


Samsung announced the Ubicell for Sprint’s CDMA network. This is like a WiFi access point for your cell phone. It connects to your DSL or Cable Modem connection allowing your cell phone calls to be made over TCP/IP thus avoiding cell phone towers altogether. The following pdf says the Samsung Ubicell is for WCDMA/HSPDA so it looks like they will offer them for different wireless technologies. The question is why? Why do customers want/need it? Why do carriers want to offer it?

I think customers might want it for the following reasons:

  1. cheap calls – if carriers can offer free or low pricing
  2. good signal – some people have terrible coverage in their homes
  3. high speed data – EVDO/HSPDA speeds when you are at home
  4. one phone

So what about the wireless carrier:

  1. defensive move against phones with WiFi
  2. defensive move against Skype and other VOIP offers
  3. get customers to move away from landline phone carriers

Its kind of an interesting technology. Will it get adopted? Time will tell.