How to Remove Price Tag Guck

March 31, 2007

So I think I have found a solution to a long time irritant in my life…. sticky glue residue guck left over from price tags and other things stuck to products. People much smarter than I have told me that Goo Gone works really well and I have tried to find the stuff on several occasions but failed miserably each attempt. So with a particularly nasty product label attached to a large thermos I recently purchased, I decided to do a Google search on “goo gone active ingredient”.

It looks like citrus oil is the main ingredient in Goo Gone. The soon to be banned incandescent light bulb in my head went off. Buzz Away, an all natural mosquito repellent that I use, contains citronella oil and eucalyptus oil. It is expensive, but I have some kicking around so I gave it a go and it worked really well.

When I read about Buzz Away being as good as Deet based mosquito repellent products, I went on a wide search for the stuff. Turns out that most health food stores carry it. The problem with Deet based products, for me, is that they dissolve plastic. When I’m on a dive vacation and I’m in the water 4 or 5 times a day, constantly applying Deet based repellent is a pain and I my fingers stick to camera equipment and other plastic stuff. Buzz Away is a great solution if you don’t mind the price and the pungent, but not unpleasant, citrus oil smell.

So there ya go… Buzz Away is a double use product. Keeps mosquitoes away and removes price tag guk. “Buzz Away” and “Guck Away”.


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  1. Soph Says:

    Sticky stuff also removed by Eucalyptus essential oil: chewing gum. Whether in hair or carpet, forget about using an ice cube to solidify it so you can carve it out, just dab eucalyptus essential oil on it (a few drops suffice) and rub it – the way the gum dissolves is pretty amazing.

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