Coming Storm

March 29, 2007



5 Responses to “Coming Storm”

  1. RAD Says:

    Taken Monday as the storm approached.

  2. Anu Says:

    sybase looks pretty evil in this picture!

  3. RAD Says:

    Sybase is NOT evil…. Sybase is a pillar against evil. The ultimate weapon… The Fifth Element. OK, maybe not The Fifth Element but still a pillar against evil :-)

  4. Anu Says:

    in this picture Sybase looks like the evil overlord…..even if you do get ur pay cheques from there

  5. RAD Says:

    Nooooooo….. not evil overlord. Benevolent benefactor that provides wonderful machines with free black juice, fridges full of canned energy, and roundabouts to entertain me on my morning commute. The pillar against evil is filled with happy smiling faces that are (usually) happy to see me. Not evil!!!

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