Saturn’s Hexagon

March 28, 2007

A bizarre six-sided feature encircling the north pole of Saturn near 78 degrees north latitude has been spied by the visual and infrared mapping spectrometer on NASA’s Cassini spacecraft.



March 28, 2007

Who is it for?

Nerds – Being nerds ourselves, we know that having a geiger counter is just cool! Particularly when you show your friends all the radioactive items around the house.


March 28, 2007


iTunes is the only way to sync your iPod with your music/audio/video. Because of the audio bookmarking feature (remembers and syncs where you left off in a podcast) the iTunes/iPod combination worked really well for me. Using iTunes to download and watch video podcasts was not a happy experience and I gave up on it some time ago (I just manually save videos now using an RSS reader).

This may be blasphemy for some. I think iTunes does some very unintuitive things. I subscribe to the school of thought that says good user interface design means that the behavior is what a user naturally expects. Some of iTunes’ unexpected behavior might be due to differences in Windows and Mac, for instance, when you have selected a list of items, CTRL-CLICK does not de-select a single item.

The way iTunes treats (maybe treated, I haven’t attempted this in a while) video playlists is just good ol’ unintuitive. So here is the scenario. I am about to prepare breakfast/lunch/dinner in my kitchen. I have this PC sitting on a kitchen desk that runs iTunes and it has downloaded a bunch of audio and video podcasts. I decide to watch a few video podcasts. I copy the ones I want to watch into a playlist and click play. Since I’m watching from a distance I want it to play fullscreen so I set the option to always play videos fullscreen. So what happens when video number 1 in the playlist completes? Well I expect video number 2 in the playlist to begin and go full screen. What actually happens is that the second video does start but it is not “selected” so it does not automatically go full screen. Each time a video starts I have to walk over to the PC and click on the little window that displays the new video in order to select it as the current video. When I am chopping onions I do not always want to use my mouse… call me crazy, so I have given up. My kitchen is a video free zone due to iTunes and my too-lazy-to-find-a-new-solution attitude.

Will this be a problem with Apple TV? I doubt it. I don’t use playlists when watching videos in the living room. Others probably don’t either. I’m a captive audience and do not have issues using the remote when on the couch (no onions).