Cyberselfish Technolibertarians

March 27, 2007

I started reading the book Cyberselfish by Paulina Borksook last night. Tom Slee describes this book as “…a few years old now (but a good read nonetheless)”. The book was published in 2000. The premise of the book is that techno geeks are mostly libertarian which Borksook finds disturbing.

…for beneath them I sensed nastiness, narcissism, and lack of human warmth, qualities that surely don’t need to be hard-wired into the fields of computing and communications.

Borksook begins the section named “Varieties of Religious Experience” with this.

Much as there are two forms of the plague – bubonic (less contagious and not necessarily lethal) and pneumonic (violently infectious and almost always fatal), technolibertarianism manifests in two forms: political and phillosophical.

So that is the general tone of the book; biting humor used to emphasize a very negative generalization of a group of people. The style can be best described as Anne Coulter for lefties.

Is there any truth to her claims? I don’t think so. Borsook rails against a caricature of libertarianism. She says that “on any test that could be designed to test ‘how libertarian are you?'” that techno geeks “would score high high high”. I doubt it. I don’t think many techno geeks support the economic freedoms at the heart of libertarianism. Take The Worlds Smallest Political Test to find out where you stand.


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  1. das L Says:

    hard on the Line between Libertarian and centrist.

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