Shorting The Long Tail

March 20, 2007

img_7569.jpgTom Slee’s criticism of The Long Tail continues with 9.3-The Short Head Part 2, 10-The Paradise of Choice, and 10.1-A Short Note.

But let me give credit where credit is due. The access methods that Amazon has built into its site are very impressive and increasingly sophisticated. As examples I looked for two obscure songs: Ken Boothe’s 1972 “Freedom Street” and Fontella Bass’s “To Be Free” (I couldn’t remember the title and had to browse) and found both quickly, complete with sound sample; I also tried to cheat by looking up “The The” – a band with the worst possible name in a Google-dominated world (try finding them) – but Amazon tracked them down.

I would like to thank Tom for mentioning “The The” which tweaked some long unused neurons in my brain and caused me to go listen to a bunch of stupid little music clips. The album “Infected” sounds most familiar but its hard to tell from short clips.