Spring Forward

March 9, 2007


Time springs forward this Sunday and, according to the Globe and Mail, Canadians rage, rage against the dying light.

Daylight time begins three weeks early this year and lasts one week longer. Most of Canada has agreed to adopt the new schedule pushed through by the U.S. Congress two years ago in its bid to save energy costs.

But mental-health experts warn that extension, which begins March 11, could make people feel sad for a longer period of time.

Oh so sad. Well I don’t know if I will be overcome with sadness Sunday but I’m quite peeved at the moment. This daylight savings time change is wreaking havoc in the software world and this off-by-one nerd is not happy about it. Wannabe do-gooders rarely make things better and I’m betting that this change by the U.S. Congress will not save energy costs.

Policies that peeve both mental-health experts and software nerds can not be good.