Lakeside Therapy

March 8, 2007

dusk_1297.jpgI miss it. I need it. I don’t know exactly how to describe “it”. I know “it” is happening when I sit beside a calm body of water. Something changes. I feel it immediately. I’m not what I would describe as tense, or uptight, or upset before “it” happens but I really feel a difference after the first few minutes beside a calm lake.

I grow accustomed to “it” as the summer passes so the first lakeside therapy session is always a “wow” experience. Its like the shock of hearing the first song birds of the spring (hopefully soon). Or for those that have travelled to Sydney, Australia in our Winter (their summer), the overwhelming smell of eucalyptus as you step outside of the airport. After a few minutes it never really enters your conscious again.

There is something about sitting beside a calm lake that I need. I don’t know if its a learned response but, to be quite honest, the underlying mechanism doesn’t really matter to me. At this point of the year I am just really looking forward to “it”.


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  1. Robin Parmar Says:

    Your photo captures this perfectly. Nice!

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