Golden Hour

March 6, 2007

shadow_1416.jpgGolden Hour is a magical time of day. Actually two times of day. It occurs for about an hour after sunrise and about an hour before sunset. During Golden Hour the sun is low in the sky and it casts long shadows. The shadows give texture and depth to a scene. The light is much warmer (golden) and there is less harshness.
Mid-day is the opposite of Golden Hour. The light is directly overhead and it is very harsh. Photographs taken outdoors at noon under clear skies are consistently awful.

I added this shot to the About RAD page. Sometimes shadows can be illuminating.


2 Responses to “Golden Hour”

  1. das L Says:

    nice shot!

  2. das L Says:

    aLthough it wouLd have been more awesome if you had worn top hat and taiLs :-D

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