The Rex on The Goracle

February 24, 2007

Rex Murphy ponders The Goracle’s celebrity status:

“It’s like a boy band or something coming to town . . .” The lady who said that was right. Al Gore is bigger than ‘N Sync used to be. In the global warming game, there is no one who can command the crowds like Al. David Suzuki, who’s been on a rock-star-like bus tour, can certainly generate a buzz. But David is an opening act, a crowd-warmer, a John the Baptist to Al Gore’s messiah. Toronto was just a minor stop on the Gore tour. He’s due in Hollywood for the Oscars on Sunday. He’s nominated, and seriously so, for the Nobel Peace Prize.

Apparently this is quite the transformation.

He was so very recently the stock joke of U.S. politics as the most wooden, boring politician since Calvin Coolidge. Coolidge was so boring, Dorothy Parker, on hearing he was dead, asked: “How can they tell?”

Boring? Calvin Coolidge? The man behind The Coolidge Effect?  Say it ain’t so.