Ontario Government Considers Light Bulb Ban

February 22, 2007

Ontario is considering a ban on incandescent light bulbs.

No one in Ontario should underestimate the importance of replacing standard bulbs with more energy-efficient ones, Ms. Broten added. By Premier Dalton McGuinty’s estimate, replacing every old-fashioned bulb with an energy-efficient one would allow the province to shut down one coal-fired power plant.

No one should underestimate the willingness of politicians to implement overreaching policies.


3 Responses to “Ontario Government Considers Light Bulb Ban”

  1. das L Says:

    this seems to be a common theme at the moment: austraLia and germany were discussing this aLready very recentLy.

  2. RAD Says:

    ReaLLy? It sounds awfuLLy paternaListic to me.

  3. das L Says:

    yeah, it does.

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