The Goracle

February 22, 2007

Ah, this explains the rush to ban light bulbs, The Goracle was in town.The Goracle

Ontario is considering a ban on incandescent light bulbs.

No one in Ontario should underestimate the importance of replacing standard bulbs with more energy-efficient ones, Ms. Broten added. By Premier Dalton McGuinty’s estimate, replacing every old-fashioned bulb with an energy-efficient one would allow the province to shut down one coal-fired power plant.

No one should underestimate the willingness of politicians to implement overreaching policies.

Kiwis Ban Spanking

February 22, 2007

A bill prohibiting parents from using physical force to discipline their children passed a key vote in the New Zealand parliament Wednesday.

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CBC news reports that a mute swan was beaten to death in an Owen Sound park.

Police said the bird, one of 19 mute swans that live at the park, had “obvious signs of trauma,”

Another mute swan from the same park was found bludgeoned to death on Wednesday and two birds, a black shoulder peacock and Reeves pheasant, were found poisoned on Monday.

Nature is a Cruel Mistress

February 22, 2007


Nature is a cruel mistress. She teases me with warmth and exposing long black lengths of my driveway only to mock me now. A cruel reminder of her power over me. Wagging her finger and saying “you had no part in the snow free driveway”. I know my dear. I know.