Snow Thoughts

February 18, 2007

snow_7220.jpgSnow is nice on a Sunday morning. Snow is best when it is fluffy. Snow is more fun on a sunny day. Snow feels best falling on your tongue. Snow is best experienced in the company of children, otters, or penguins. Snow sparkles. Writing about snow is better than shovelling it. Photographing snow is better than driving through it. Snow is better when the days are longer. Snow is best when spring is around the corner. Moonlight and snow go hand-in-hand. Bird tracks on snow are funny. Cat tracks in snow make me worry about the birds. Today is a good day for snow :-)


2 Responses to “Snow Thoughts”

  1. Anu Chahauver Says:

    I love this post! :-)

  2. Moranna Says:

    Your poem sums up snow exactly I love to walk in good clean white snow with the dogs and watch them play.

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