Rodent of Enormous Size

February 13, 2007

Cartoonist Scott Adams has a funny post on The Dilbert Blog: Man Mistaken for Rodent

To reiterate, there is nothing funny about being shot in the head. Unless you were snorkeling in a river, someone thought you were a rodent, and your skull is so dense it can stop a bullet.The shooter mistook the snorkeler for a nutria. That’s a rat-looking thing that swims. Apparently the river has a lot of swimming rodents in it. I don’t think I have to tell you that the very best place you can snorkel is a river that’s full of swimming rats. It is good scenery and good friends all in one.


  • get some photos of the muskrats living under the dock at the cottage… wet rodents are FUNNY
  • never take the bright orange reflective tape off my snorkel
  • if I’m ever injured trying to get an in-water photograph of an animal I will be MOCKED
  • avoid felons on drugs carrying rifles