Canadian Politicians Utterly Selfless

February 8, 2007


Canadian MP Garth Turner announced that he will be joining the Liberal caucus, claiming he is doing it all for the people:

I’m convinced of this since I define this job with one question: How can I be the most effective MP for the people? For the past year the answer has been to be as ethical, principled and issue-driven as possible. I told folks I would work for them, not the party.

But Garth lacks the laser focus of David Emerson who joined the Conservative cabinet only days after winning his riding as a Liberal.

I concluded that I could better serve them, I could get more done, I could get more results for British Columbia if I was in the cabinet than if I was not.

Its hard not to get teary eyed, no? How ’bout Liberal turn Conservative Wajid Khan who thinks big, whole country big.

When I’m given a choice … between a political party and my country, I will always choose Canada and that’s why I chose the Conservative government.

And let us not forget Belinda Stronach, who can now wear Liberal red to match the color of her over sized heart after leaving both the Conservative party and heartstricken boyfriend Peter MacKay

I did what I thought was in the best interests of the country, and of Newmarket and Aurora. . . I just wasn’t comfortable in the direction the (Conservative) party was going.

I am convinced Canadian politicians are utterly selfless.