Securing a Rare Rodent

January 28, 2007

CBC Radio’s science program, Quirks and Quarks, had a segment on the discovery of a new rodent found in the cloud forests of Peru. Host Bob McDonald interviewed Dr. Bruce Patterson about the find.

DR. PATTERSON: Immediately it appeared extremely curious and nothing like it was known from the region so it was obviously a high priority item to secure for study and further description.

BOB MCDONALD: To secure? So how did you secure it?

DR. PATTERSON: With dust shot from a 20 gauge shotgun.

BOB MCDONALD: You shot it?


According to Made To Stick this is an example of “Unexpected” in their SUCCESs template.


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  1. Anu Chahauver Says:

    I think you should have included the part about laughing so hard you almost drove off the road!

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