First Encounters Change Everything

January 24, 2007


The first time I saw a cuttlefish face-to-face my mind reeled. Oh I had read about them and seen pictures and I had no problem identifying what I was looking at. But, my god, I had no idea. Cuttlefish are cephalapods so they are related to the octopus. Tentacles, gottem. Color change, yupper. But, my god, I had no idea.

My first thought was “who needs unicorns when we have this magical creature”. My second thought was “whoever named the ‘cuttlefish’ needs a lesson in branding”. Cuttlefish mesmerize. Yes they change color, but its not like a new coat of paint suddenly applied. Color moves and flows constantly across their skin and it acts like a psychedelic mood ring responding to your actions. If you want to see EEEEK, Wow, hmmmmm, huh, ACK, displayed in moving color then go hang out with a cuttlefish for a while and watch how it reacts to its environment. Its tentacles hang down from its face like some kind of alien snuffleupagus. Its body is ringed with a ribbon that dances like its being controlled by a rhythmic gymnist showing off.

The cuttlefish reminds me that there are many beautiful things in this world that my still camera can capture but only superficially.


2 Responses to “First Encounters Change Everything”

  1. KMG Says:

    I can only imagine what a joy it would be to see such creatures close-up. It really makes me wonder who/what designed such cosmetics (or the universe for that matter), and what vast imagination the designer has.

    And congrats on your blog!

  2. Anu Chahauver Says:

    this is poignant reminder that the beauty that i see through your underwater pictures are but a glimpse of what you experience during the process… lucky you.

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