Quicken Mimics National Geographic

January 23, 2007

Yesterday I received a QuickTax CD in the mail and I couldn’t stop thinking about National Geographic. Many moons ago I used to subscribe to National Geographic magazine. I did not renew my subscription one year and a stream of “special-offer” National Geographic marketing junk mail followed for years. The QuickTax CD is a different animal altogether. Its an installation CD. Remember all those AOL floppies that used to come in the mail and were attached to every computer magazine on the planet?

But here is the thing… the QuickTax CD almost looks like they are offering a free copy of the program. I have not installed it but I’m assuming after the installation they will redirect you to their website to purchase a license. Now I have nothing against marketing but what I’m curious about is whether this kind of marketing is effective. For me anyway, National Geographic’s aggressive marketing has made me fearful of ever giving them my mailing address again though I will still buy copies off the newstand… my privacy proxy :-) What happens when an excited customer installs the “Welcome Back” QuickTax program with the expectation that it will be free only to feel that they have been mislead? I dunno.

QuickTax Marketing CD