…and Can I Please Be Taken Off This List?

January 23, 2007

Wow, I’ve learned a new trick. I have been picking up the phone lately when telemarketers call and I have had great success (3 for 3) with “I’m not interested <happy voice> …and can I please be taken off this list?”.

No problem sir, goodbye.

What happened? I mumble something about a list and BOOM they are gone. That is awesome. Am I dreaming? Someone pinch me.


2 Responses to “…and Can I Please Be Taken Off This List?”

  1. Alex Wilson Says:

    Heh… but do you think you are really being taken off the list? :)

  2. KMG Says:

    No way jose. If you believe that, you believe anything. Sometimes I play the Sinefeld trick on them “Can I have you home phone number to call you back?” :-)

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